How to ask for a payday loan

We explain how to request a personal loan and the main advantages and disadvantages of online entities and traditional entities.

Payday loans via are easy to use and are used to cover small needs and contingencies that may arise on a daily basis or we can also use them to finance small personal projects such as: give a coat of paint to the floor, make a small reform, make a small trip or make that small professional investment that makes us so delusional.


Steps to request a personal loan


The first step that we must have clear, is the amount or amount that we must request, to be able to carry out our projector to be able to overcome the setback that has happened to us.


In order to determine this amount, we must make an estimated budget of expenses, such as, if we have to make a reform, we must have the costs of painting, carpentry, masonry … once we have the estimated budget, we can make the request of the loan.

Depending on the amount to request, we can turn to online financial entities, such as ¡QuéBueno! or to traditional financial institutions, such as banks.


If you decide to apply for a mini- loan online or a personal loan in QuéBueno! You must enter and indicate the amount you want and the return period. At all times you will be informed of the due date and the total amount to be paid, if you agree you must click on “request” and you will only have to fill in the form, in which you are asked for a series of basic information, such as your name complete, your employment status and your bank details, to evaluate your application.


personal loan

Once your application is finished, they will inform you immediately if it has been accepted or denied. If accepted, within 15 minutes you will have the amount requested in your account.


That good! offers new customers a credit limit of up to € 300 and the deadline for their return is 30 days and do not request any type of supporting documentation. In addition, the limit of € 300 is increased progressively as the loans are paid on the due date until reaching € 900 as maximum credit.
Remember that you only have to complete the form, send your application and they will confirm the acceptance or denial of your loan immediately, in this way you will be able to carry out that project that makes you so much illusion or you can get out of the trouble in which you find yourself.


personal loan

In the case of requesting your personal loan in a traditional entity, you can request a higher amount, although the main drawbacks of requesting financing in this type of entity are that they request a lot of supporting documentation, such as payroll, bank guarantees, and guarantees. , they usually last several days, so if you need money urgently, this is not the best solution.